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Samurai Special Bento

AED 97.80
Japanese bento box with assorted high grade Sushi, Sashimi and shrimp tempura

Unagi Kabayaki Bento

AED 85.73
Grilled Eel with sweet soy sauce

Tori Furai Bento

AED 80.90
Deep fried chicken and shrimp tempura

Yakiniku Bento

AED 73.65
Grilled beef with barbecue sauce

Shake Shio/ Teriyaki Bento

AED 80.90
Grilled salmon with salt or sweet soy sauce

Tori Shio / Teriyaki Bento

AED 45.00
Grilled chicken with salt or sweet soy sauce

Tori Karaage Bento

AED 60.37
Deep fried chicken