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Avocado Maki

AED 30.18
Stuffed with avocado and cucumber

Dragon Fry Maki

AED 57.96
Fried Futo Maki, with tempura, spicy mayo and teri sauce

Fry Salmon Cheese Roll

AED 56.75
Stuffed with salmon and cheese topped with teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo

Philadelphia Roll

AED 64.00
Stuffed with cheese and avocado topped with smoked salmon

Tempura Maki

AED 49.50
Stuffed with shrimp tempura and mayonnaise

Salmon & Avocado Maki

AED 43.47
Stuffed with avocado and raw salmon

Dragon Roll

AED 63.99
Stuffed with grilled Eel, avocado, Kanimayo and shrimp tempura with crispy topping

California Maki

AED 59.16
Stuffed with kanimayo, sweet egg, and flying fish roe

Samurai Shrimp Maki

AED 66.41
Stuffed with cucumber, sweet egg and kanimayo, topped with fried shrimp, and spicy mayo

Crunchy Crab Roll

AED 59.16
Stuffed with kanimayo and avocado, topped with crunchy crab and spicy mayo

Unagi Maki

AED 39.84
Stuffed with grilled Eel

Crispy California Maki

AED 59.16
Stuffed with kanimayo, sweet egg, cucumber and flying fish roe with spicy of tempura

Rainbow Roll

AED 66.41
Stuffed with kanimayo, sweet egg and cucumber, topped with Tuna, Salmon, Sea bream, Shrimp and avocado